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Creative Directors work with clients and/or their team to deliver a strategic vision. Jodis' creative leadership has helped to establish brands in their market worldwide. As the creative director for Behind The Scenes Agency her mission is to help CEOs, creatives, as well as small and large companies create impact and execute with confidence. Book here and select the Creative Director Inquiry to discuss your project with a member of our team.

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A Brand Manager is responsible for the overall image of a person or business. Building a stand out brand goes far beyond visuals. But good visuals do help and we've got you covered there too! As a traveling Brand Manager Jodi is responsible for how a brand communicates with it's audience. This includes the marketing, operation and even customer service guidelines. Everything that the brand does when it comes to communication and marketing falls under this role of brand management. Jodi handles brands in a strategic way that ensures they grow. Below are the phases she takes Behind The Scene Agency Artists through when they hire her for Brand Management.

Whether you're a new artist or have been in the game we understand the importance of pairing your journey with the right growth strategy.

-Learn inspiring and unique ways to communicate with your ideal audience
-Discover your brand blueprint and share your story with the masses
-Scale your brand using paid ads on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify or wherever your ideal listener hangs out!

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Artist Development and Coaching

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

A sales funnel is what moves your potential client/customer through the buyers journey. This strategic process requires that your brand messaging and visuals are in alignment with the overall vision and direction for your brand. A funnel generally starts when you opt in to a form to get something in exchange. The top of your funnel is the widest, you'll have a lot of people who express interest, and as they go through your funnel a smaller percentage of people will hit the buy button. Having a fully optimized on brand sales funnel from your website or landing page means that you'll be able to send traffic from your content to your sales funnel. It takes strategy and branding to turn the people who are interested in learning more information about you, your product or service into clients/customers. Whether you have 500 or 5 million people in your audience having a funnel will be beneficial to your success in generating consistent sales for your business. Book a Clarity Call for $27 to get your unique funnel blueprint so you can start generating more leads and sales for your business today.
*If you'd like us to build your funnel for you we can also discuss options on this call.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

A Business Coach works with you to reverse engineer your version of success so you know what you have to do each week and month to achieve that version of success. or example, revenue goals require that your brand and marketing strategy are positioned in such a way that you create an impact in your industry to see more income. Jodi teaches through her 3T and 3C system to keep her clients focused on generating TRAFFIC (to get seen), communicating through TOUCHPOINTS (to get known), and setting up the tools for a seamless TRANSACTION (to get paid). From here she helps her clients communication with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to arrive at their desired level of CASHFLOW. Coaching is done remotely with the option of adding additional packages such as VIP Days or Content Days/Brand Shoots where Jodi and team travels to you.


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